Piano tutor testimonials

Jason Mogg aged 11
"I enjoy having piano lessons with Andrea because she is very inspirational. I also enjoy it because she gives me a great choice of songs that I really enjoy playing."
Maddison Skinner
Maddison Skinner Age 16
"Andrea is enthusiastic and patient as well as being an inspiring teacher. I enjoy having piano lesson with Andrea because I can learn at my own pace and there is no pressure of exams."
Lou Smith Age 15
"Andrea is really encouraging and always patient. I learn very well from her lessons because not only is she amazing at playing piano but she communicates what she's teaching very well."
Sam Clark Age Over 18
"Fantastic tutor. Always has strategies to ensure playing progresses. Very positive experience, even for the slower adult learners! Thanks Andrea."
Debbie Jervis Age 33
“Andrea’s tutor books are inviting and fun to use. I am now on Book 5 and they have enabled me to learn steadily. Andrea has chosen a range of songs/tunes to give reversitility and range. Excellent.”
Abigail Galbraith
Abigail Galbraith Age 12
"Lessons are enjoyable and you aren't under pressure to do well. You actually do learn how to play piano, not like if you go somewhere else, you only learn half of what you learn with Andrea."
Heidi Milner Age 41
"I look forward to each of my piano lessons. Although I get a little nervous wanting to show Andrea what I've achieved on my own, she puts me at ease. Also, something I may be having difficulty with, Andrea will show me simply how to overcome it."